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Personal Finances

Everyday we make decisions on how to spend our money. Some decisions we plan for, like buying a house. Some are spur of the moment, like getting a private store charge card because they offer 10% off.

These decisions and many others affect the quality of our life. How you manage your money today will determine your future.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you watch your pennies, your dollars will take care of themselves." That is exactly what we are providing here, simple easy ways to watch your money and avoid some pitfalls.

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20 Million Households Aren't Paying Their Utility Bills 72
95 Percent of Americans Say They Have Been Impacted by Inflation - New Poll 103
A Collapse in Used Car Prices is on the Horizon 187
American Investors Need to Run From Chinese Companies 318
Applications for Adjustable Rate Mortgages Have Doubled - A Bad Sign 182
Are Home Prices Leveling Off? Maybe! 1032
As Banks Increase Fees on Debit Cards It May Be Time to Go Back to Writing Checks or Change Banks 1813
ATM Fees Up - Free Checking Difficult to Find 1816
Bankruptcy Filings Fall Nationally 1874
Can’t Afford Health Insurance? Request an Exemption From the Law! 1641
Chinese Port Closures Will Lead To Shortages Of Just About Everything 335
Coinbase Warns Users That Their Digital Wallets Could Get Wiped Out 264
College Loan Debt – What You Need to Know 5258
College Students Getting Hit with Debit Card Fees to Receive Financial Aid 2043
Considering a Second Job? Read This. 14095
Cost of Living Hits All-Time High as Poll Shows Nearly Twenty Percent of People Un or Underemployed 2501
Credit Point Scores & How They Work 33742
Credit Reports Are Now Free Every Week Until April 2440
Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy Proceedings May Now Be Possible for Some People 2132
Don't Run Away from Citibank! Fly! 2367
Downsizing - Using a Reverse Mortgage to Purchase a Home 581
Drug Benefits to Retirees to be Taxed in 2011 2400
Economic Survival in a Natural Disaster - Updated: June, 2014 30126
Effects of Being Upside Down in Car Loans 6374
Eviction Moratoriums and COVID19 - What You Need to Know 888
Federal Unemployment Bonus Set To End Next Month - Time To Get A Job Now 758
Feeling the Pinch - Why Fuel Prices Matter 2093
Financial Literacy Education About to Become Mandatory in Oklahoma High Schools 2359
GAO Completes FED Audit 2273
Get Prepared for Obamacare Sticker Shock in November 2297
Get Ready for Six Dollar Gas and Twenty Dollar Coffee 1894
Get Ready to Pay More for Domestic Farm-Goods - Potential Food Shortages on the Horizon 279
Going Green Can Put Some Green In Your Wallet! - Updated: July, 2014 13079
Harvard Study Paints Bleak Picture for Retiring Baby Boomers 1681
Health Insurance Alternatives and Supplements To Help You Control Your Budget 924
Home Equity Loans and the New Tax Law 1134
Homeowners Facing Foreclosure May Feel Forced into Bankruptcy in 2013 - But Other Options Exist 2295
Household Auto Loan Payments Are At An All Time High 184
Housing Prices Set to Tumble Nationwide 175
How to Dig Out of Credit Card Debt 67250
How to Read Credit Card Agreements 10055
How Voting on Bond Measures Impacts Your Personal Finances 4189
Id Theft? Credit Problems? Credit Monitoring? Free Credit Reports? 5260
If You Lease Your Car You May Have Trouble Getting a Replacement When the Lease Is Up 165
Inflation Is Getting Worse With No End In Sight 250
Inflation is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better 222
Inflation to Cost Families More than $5,500 This Year - Moody's 226
Investing in Chinese Companies is a Big Risk for Americans 337
It Pays to Balance! 7811
Keeping Hospital Bills in Check Under the Affordable Care Act 1208
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