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Credit Issues

In the world of credit the new mantra is "No Credit - Bad Credit - Bankruptcy?  Come to Us." Credit has become a world of takers - taking all you have to give and more. 

They hope that you're so busy trying to pay-down those credit cards that you don't have time to understand what is occurring.

Here we will try to alert you to ALL the predatory tactics that are occurring.  From misleading information and out-and-out lies to businesses you think want to help you but really don't.

Information has become vast - thanks to the internet, but most of it is disseminated by businesses with self-serving interest.

If we are to prosper and improve our standard of living without breaking the bank and our backs in the process, we need to know what the insiders know. We need to understand what is occurring and why. And most important we need to know what we should do to help ourselves.

The solution to credit problems is not always easy and they don't go away overnight.  But you can begin the change now - by becoming an informed consumer.



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