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ACCESS Guard My Credit File News
US Secret Service Recovering Stolen COVID19 SBA Loans
Fraud Alerts

September 23, 2020 - The US Secret Service is going after criminals that have been recruiting unsuspecting victims to participate in fraud against the SBA. Over the past month, they have recovered more than $20 million in fraudulent payments given to people who have been duped into filing for loans that they don't actually qualify for.

German Ransomware Attack Against Hospital Claims a Life
Federal Issues

September 18, 2020 - We've been warning about this for years and now it has actually happened. A ransomware attack in Germany is the first known instance where the criminals behind it are now actually responsible for what can only be described as a murder.

Pandemic Unemployment Fraud A Continuing Problem
Fraud Alerts

September 14, 2020 - At the beginning of the economic shutdown due to COVID 19, Congress rushed through a program known as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Its goal was to provide income to people not normally covered by traditional unemployment insurance. Gig workers, the self employed and even those who had been offered jobs but who weren't able to start them prior to everything being closed down. All of them qualified for PUA; offered through their state unemployment departments but funded by the federal government. Unfortunately, the program had woefully inadequate safeguards in place to ensure that recipients of PUA were actually qualified to receive it.

Online Shopping Scams Abound Because of COVID
How to Protect Yourself

September 10, 2020 - Online shopping went from being a fad to mainstream a long time ago. But due to COVID, shopping online is at an entirely new level now when compared to the same time last year. Even people who love malls and who were opposed to using services like Amazon a few months ago have not embraced those same services with a passion. And that switch has opened up a new world of opportunity for criminals. Just last week, the FBI warned that online shopping scams are on the rise. 

Uber CSO Data Breach Charges Provide Lessons On Acceptable Behavior After A Breach
In The News

September 3, 2020 - In case you weren't paying attention - and few were - the federal government recently charged former Uber Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan. His crime? Well according to the government, after a massive 2016 data breach at Uber, Sullivan attempted to cover up the breach entirely. Whether or not that's true will be up to a jury to decide. What is clear though, is that anyone serving in the roll of CSO now knows that avoiding even the appearance of impropriety is critical if you want to avoid legal problems. In Sullivan's case, the charges are felonies.

Vishing - The Latest Cyberscam
How to Protect Yourself

August 28, 2020 - There is a good chance that you've never heard the term Vishing, but as the name implies, it is closely related to phishing. The big differences are that the crooks behind Vishing tend to be well educated about their target victims, and they contact those victims by voice calls. Now, you may be thinking, "I'd never fall for something like that!" But there are a variety of reasons that you could be completely wrong about that. 

Reevaluating China - Is it time to ban all Chinese tech over privacy, security and moral concerns?
Federal Issues

August 20, 2020 - Over the past couple of years or so, the White House has been busy banning certain Chinese technology companies from doing business in the United States. You may think that the administration's moves are unwarranted or, at the very least, inconvenient. But there really are some things that everyone should consider before going anywhere near Chinese tech. 

Unemployment Fraud Is A Continuing Issue
Fraud Alerts

August 19, 2020 – Millions of Americans are out of work and many are still trying to collect unemployment, often without success. But criminals who steal people’s identities and then file for unemployment don’t seem to be having the same issues. Why? Well some of the state policies that have been adopted to deal COVID are actually aiding the people committing the fraud. And either the states ae unaware of the issue or they simply don’t care. Either way, they are displaying a level of incompetence that is almost incomprehensible.

Users of Google Chrome Need to Update Their Browser to Avoid Data Theft
In The News

August 11, 2020 - ThreatPost is reporting that a flaw in Google's Chrome browser could allow hacker to gain access to the personally identifiable information of users. That means that billions of people around the globe are vulnerable. Because several other popular browsers are built on Chrome, the problem is even larger. Without going into all of the technical details, here is what you need to know.

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