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ACCESS Guard My Credit File News
Brainwave Monitoring - A New Frontier in the Privacy Wars
In The News

February 4, 2023 - You can't go anywhere today without being caught on camera. From Ring doorbells in your neighborhood to license plate readers scattered along the country's roadways, you're on candid camera. Beyond that, your travels are monitored by big-tech companies through your smart phone. Every time you leave your home, they know it. And they know exactly where you go too. Other than our thoughts, there really aren't many things that are private anymore. But even that is too much for some the "elites" that attend the WEF summit in Davos. Now they want to monitor brainwaves and they apparently have the technology to do so.

Don't Believe Your Lying Ears or Eyes - What the AI Revolution Means for Us All
In The News

January 31, 2023 - Just in case you haven't been paying attention, there has been a lot of recent news about artificial intelligence (AI), and while some of it is has been good, a lot of it hasn't. It's causing all sorts of issues for educational institutions, businesses and, over the past few days, for some celebrities. It is already at the point that people are having difficulty decerning the difference between what it real, and what isn't. And we're really in the very early stages of AI's introduction to the general public.

Be Careful What You Tell Your Doctor Because It Is No Longer Private
In The News

January 23, 2023 - It used to be that the information you shared with your doctor was between the two of you. Records were hand written and kept in manilla folders. If you wanted a second opinion on something, you'd have to go to your doctor's office and ask for a copy of your records. But the idea that your doctor might share your file without your permission would have been considered outlandish. All of that began to change with the implementation of Obamacare which, among other things, mandated that doctors switch to using electronic records. And since then, the United Nations and the World Health Organization have also gotten involved in electronic medical records. And you may not believe what they are all using them for now.

Real Estate Auctions as a Pricing Gimmick are Back - What Homebuyers Need to Know
In The News

January 18, 2023 - You may be familiar with foreclosure auctions. These take place when a bank is foreclosing on a home and they can lead to some real bargains for those looking for a home and with access to plenty of cash. But these aren’t the only way to purchase a home at auction. Real estate agents are now advertising properties that aren't distressed in the MLS as auctions. But this is just a pricing gimmick that most people aren't familiar with which can lead to a lot of frustration for buyers.

Tax Filing Season Begins on January 23rd
Personal Finances

January 15, 2023 - The IRS has announced that it will begin accepting tax filing on January 23rd and that filers will have up until April 18th to file this year. A number of well-known firms are already accepting tax filings and will transmit them to the IRS when the time comes.

Crashing Housing Market Likely to Bring Out the Scam Artists
How to Protect Yourself

January 11, 2023 - When the housing market began to crash in 2008, it didn't take scam artists long to figure out that there was money to be made in the misery of homeowners. So with housing prices collapsing around the country and the lessons of 2008 still relatively fresh in their minds, it's quite likely that it will take even less time to rear their ugly heads this time around. And those who fall for their scams could easily find themselves homeless.

Google To Face Privacy Lawsuit for Tracking Children Online - US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
In The News

January 9, 2023 - The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has revived a privacy lawsuit against Google for tracking children online without parental permission. The suit claims that Google violated the law by tracking the online habits of children to feed targeted advertising to them. 

Pending Home Sales Collapse
In The News

December 30, 2022 - Year over year, pending home sales have collapsed. They are down 38.6% when compared to last year. That's the largest decline in history, but it likely isn't as bad as things will look a few months from now.

Beware of the Emerging Payment Scams on PayPal and Other Platforms
How to Protect Yourself

December 29, 2022 - In case you haven't been paying attention, the IRS issued a warning to taxpayers a few weeks ago. If you receive more than $600 in commercial payments on payment platforms like PayPal, then you need to wait to file your 2022 taxes until you receive a 1099-K from those platforms. (A 1099-K is a form that reports income to the IRS). Last week, the agency pushed out the time frame for their warning, but the requirement is still going to become a hard and fast rule this next year, and it has resulted in some merchants changing their "acceptable payment policies" in a way that leaves consumers vulnerable to scam artists.

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