States Experiencing a Rise in Fraudulent Unemployment Claims by Identity Thieves

July 13, 2020 - States across the US are experiencing an increase in fraudulent unemployment claims that use stolen identities. These claims are often approved and monies paid out, only to cause significant problems for victims later on. 


Victims of this type of ID theft may find that any legitimate unemployment claims that they file on their own are denied. For those who are still working, they may find the state demanding repayment for any monies that have already been paid out. There is also the potential for legal issues with the state because filing a false unemployment claim when you are still working is a felony in most states.

Once victims become aware of the crime, it is important that they notify the state and file a police report. Each state has different procedures for handling these cases so victims should start by notifying their local police or sheriff's department and then contact both their state's unemployment department and the state attorney general's office to see if there are any other procedures that they need to follow.

by Jim Malmberg

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